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Sustainability Program

Skål International Hobart Beach Clean Up Day

As an organisation we have a commitment to supporting not only tourism, but also community support, and in particular sustainable tourism.

The Beach Clean-up Day is the result of a partnership between Skål Hobart club and Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, now in its fifth year, to raise money for the Pennicott Foundation to help protect the marine environment.

Rob and the Pennicott Foundation is an enormous advocate and hero for sustainability and the environment in Tasmania, and this is at the heart of  the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys business, so it is natural fit for Skål Hobart to work together to support the great work of Rob and his foundation.

The Skål Club of Hobart contributes not only by participating in the annual Beach Clean Up Day, but also by contributing $4000 a year to the Penn Foundation, these funds go directly towards supporting projects such as Save the Seabirds, which facilitates the eradication of pests such as rats on Georges Rocks in the NE of Tasmania, which are killing an average of 50,000 seabirds per year.

Research in Australia shows that Seabirds have an average of 30 pieces of plastic resting in their stomach – they can also mistakenly ingest bottle tops, pen lids and a wider variety of small plastic pieces, many of which we found along the shores of Bruny Island where this year’s clean up was conducted.

Three beaches were cleaned and 35 volunteers collected 15 industrial size bags of rubbish – some of which were filled with small pieces of plastic. This is a testament to the value of the Beach Clean Up but also how much more can be done to ensure that our waterways and beaches are kept clear of the types of rubbish that can drastically impact the sea-life in Tasmania.